Ultima 1 & 2 completed with a bonus

During the latest ice storm I decided to complete as many Ultima games as I could.

Ultima I tips:

  1. You only need 1 dungeon
  2. Go back and forth between two shrines to increase stats
Ultima 1 The End
Ultima 1 The End

I posted on twitter that I had completed it and got a response from Lord British himself!

Lord British congratulates me!
Lord British congratulates me!

The it was off to Ultima II. My best tips.

  1. Steal Food & a lot of it.
  2. Gold is the key to winning.
  3. Keep fighting near the the gate to LB’s castle until you get a blue tassel
  4. Go to time of legends, grab a ship, kill all monsters until you have a ton of gold.
Ultima 2 The End
Ultima 2 The End

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