Today’s Haul

My haul for June 9, 2010
I'm happy

I racked up 16 games today for right at $25. The Gyromite even has the famicom converter! I really can’t wait to play Shinobi & Rolling Thunder. I also plan on finally winning Golgo 13. I do have a few really bad games, The Karate Kid & Back to the Future 2 & 3 for starts. I haven’t played Captain Skyhawk or Cobra Triangle but I do remember winning Clash at Demonhead.

Here is a picture of the two famicom converters I have found so far. The left one is from Hogan’s Alley and the right is from the Gyromite I bought today. Now I just need to buy a famicom game.

[singlepic id=733 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I also got my Club Nintendo reward this week. I decided to get the Hanafuda card set over the Game & Watch collection 2. I figured I should own the product that Nintendo started out making way back in 1889. The cards are smaller than I thought they would be, the case for them looks fantastic. I have decided not to open them, instead they will sit on my bookcase with my other collectibles.

Nintendo Hanafuda Card Set
Hanafuda Card Set

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