Tyranny of Dragons Minatures

Name Scarcity
1 X Rock Gnome Female Wizard Common
1 X Rock Gnome Female Wizard Invisible Very Rare
2 X Stoutheart Halfling Female Bard Common
Stoutheart Halfling Female Bard Invisible Very Rare
3 X Quickling Common
4 X Svirfneblin Fighter Common
5 X Kobald Fighter Common
6 Goblin Fighter Common
7 X Mane Demon Common
8 X Human Paladin Common
9 X Sun Elf Guard Common
10 X Orc Fighter Common
11 X Human Zhentarim Bandit Common
12 Hobgoblin Fighter Common
13 X Human Female Barbarian Common
14 X Orog Orc Fighter Uncommon
15 X Doppleganger Uncommon
16 X Wood Elf Druid Uncommon
17 X Green Hag Uncommon
18 X Needle Blight Uncommon
19 X Human Red Wizard Uncommon
20 Human Cult of the Dragon Enforcer Uncommon
21 X Bugbear Uncommon
22 Guard Drake Uncommon
23 Wraith Uncommon
24 Bronze Dragon Uncommon
25 X Ogre Mage Uncommon
26 X Stone Giant Elder Uncommon
27 Frost Giant Uncommon
28 X Pegasus Uncommon
29 X Wyvern Uncommon
30 X Black Shadow Dragon Uncommon
31 X Green Dragon Uncommon
32 X Copper Dragon Uncommon
33 Half Black Dragonlord Rare
34 Ballista Rare
35 Mindflayer Rare
36 Half Red Dragon Fighter Rare
37 Aaracokra Rare
38 X Movanic Deva Angel Rare
39 Harpy Rare
40 X Gargoyle Rare
41 X Blue Dragon Rare
42 Silver Dragon Rare
43 Gold Dragon Rare
44 Red Dragon Rare
45 X Brass Dragon Fixed
46 Drow Elf Ranger Drizzt Fixed
46 Drow Elf Ranger Drizzt Invisible Very Rare
47 Gold Dwarf Female Cleric Fixed
47 Gold Dwarf Female Cleric Invisible Very Rare
48 Human Female Ranger Fixed
48 Human Female Ranger Invisible Very Rare
49 Sun Elf Female Wizard Fixed
49 Sun Elf Female Wizard Invisible Very Rare
50 Northlands Fighter Fixed
50 Northlands Fighter Invisible Very Rare
51 Lightfoot Halfling Rogue Fixed
51 Lightfoot Halfling Rogue Invisible Very Rare

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