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Zelda - The Wand of Gamalon
Zelda - The Wand of Gamalon

A buddy of mine gave this to me years ago. Once upon a time Nintendo was going to make a CD player for the SNES but the deal fell through or something and it became the a stand-alone product aka the CD-I. Part of the deal was that Phillips could use some of the Nintendo characters in their games. There was a horrible Mario game called Hotel Mario, and three Zelda games. Continue reading “Look at what I found”

Changing the battery in a NES game

I have a couple of NES games that use a battery to save your game. The only problem is that after 20+ years the batteries are starting to die. I have decided to try and change the battery in a game. I ordered replacement parts from The Nintendo Repair Shop. On the way is the bit I need to open the games and the correct battery with the solder tabs. I have also purchased a couple copies of Ultima Exodus just in case I screw up. When all the parts come in I plan on documenting the whole process.

Wish me luck.