I am really stupid

I have lost my mind. I am in the process of rearranging my room again. At least this time I have a good reason. I am building a new desk to accommodate my monitor setup and to give Jenni room for her papers when she is working. There is even going to room for my electronic repairs.

I decided to start by boxing up all of my games, consoles, books, toys, etc. When I have the furniture arranged, I will catalog each item as it goes on a shelf. I realize this is going to take a couple of months but the payout will be worth it. I will have a database with an entry of each item including title, type, system, year, notes, picture, and more. This will all be searchable on this site, Why am I doing this? Because I am tired of buying games I already own or passing on ones that I think I own.

I will take down all the photo galleries and put up new ones with links to their database entry. My goal is to have this done by March 2016.

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