The Nintendo Deluxe Set

It was December 1987, my sister Melynda was coming home from college on Christmas break and she had a box with my name on it. A few weeks earlier we had been to visit and while shopping I saw this new video game system called the Nintendo. I’d never heard or seen it before and I mentioned that I NEEDED it. When Melynda walked through the door with that box I used my jedi mind tricks on her and asked if that was my Nintendo. “Who told you?!?” she screamed. “You just did HAHAHA”. Since I already knew what it was she let me open it and my world changed. For a couple of weeks we played the hell out of Gyromite with R.O.B. and Duck Hunt. To this day I can max the score on skeet shooting.

I did eventually pay my sister back for getting me my first Nintendo. A couple of weeks after the Wii was released I got up at 4AM to stand in line for hours to get her and her kids one.

I’m working on restoring my deluxe set. I now have Duck Hunt, Gyromite, a grey Zapper, and I never lost my original R.O.B. Some of his parts are missing but that’s what Ebay is for.

Toys R Us Nintendo and Sega Scan
The Nintendo Deluxe Set and Sega Master System at Toys R Us

Image taken from Vintage Computing and Gaming.

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